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Dave Sims

Board Treasurer

Dave Sims spent the first half of his adult life in the business world, mostly centered around construction. Although having owned two successful businesses, one in commercial construction, and one as a painting contractor, his primary field for 20 years was electrical wholesale design and distribution. As a regional manager for North Coast Electric, he managed 5 branch locations with annual sales of about $25 million. A bicycle accident in 1998 left him quadriplegic, and forced retirement. 


In his teens and twenties Dave had toured as lead guitarist for a Seattle Rock band. A reunion of the band in 2010 rekindled that love of music, and led to relearning to play guitar without the use of finger-function, which in turn led to a love for recording and mixing music. He has since designed and built two recording studios, and in spare time has produced and released over a 1/2-dozen records for local Washington, Idaho, and Montana artists. His primary passion, still, is helping people with disabilities find their calling and their faith. Active in his local church, he comes to the board at On-Site For Seniors with the perspective of a patient, or client.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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