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Healthcare for Seniors

To Our Patients, Healthcare Colleagues and Community Service Partners:


It has been a privilege to serve your medical care needs over the past 16+ years through One Site for Seniors. Starting as a small non-profit 501(c)(3) faith-based house call program in 2008, we have seen the needs of seniors and their families grow in many ways in our community.


One Site for Seniors is growing to meet the needs of vulnerable seniors and their caregivers through respite care (Adult Day Center in CDA), caregiver support and care partner education.


With this change in focus, One Site for Seniors will no longer offer specialized medical care in the community. After August 30, 2024, we will not be providing medical care or consultations through our office. This includes the NI Memory Clinic that has been a branch of our healthcare services for many years.


We are very aware of the shortages of geriatric and dementia care specialists in our area. Dr. Melchiore and the One Site for Seniors clinical team have been diligently seeking options for your continued healthcare needs. We anticipate new options in the near future and will update this webpage with details for your consultation needs.


For our patients that are needing to pursue alternate care, please review the options below:


  •  If you are seeking a house call medicine primary care provider, please consider the following:

    •  Heritage Health, our local community health center, has started Healthcare At Home services and their providers are able to see homebound patients for house call medicine. Please call them at 208-620-5262 if you would like to transition your medical care over to their house call program.

  • If you are seeking an office-based primary care provider, please consider the following options:

    • Northwest Specialty Primary Care: located in CDA, Post Falls and Athol. Call: 208-262-2300

    • Dr Jessy Lorian: practicing with Prairie Family Medicine (CDA) Call: 208-209-0288

    • Heritage Health: multiple locations. Call: 208-620-5250

    •  Kootenai Clinics: multiple locations. Call: 208-625-6767


  • If you are seeking Memory Assessment and Treatment, please consider the following options:

    •  Providence Neurology: Dr Silvia Russo: 105 W 8th Ave Ste 122C, Spokane, WA 99204: Phone: (509) 474-5725

    •  NW Neurology (for Washington Residents only): Dr David Greeley: 1520 W. 3rd Avenue, Spokane, WA 99204: Phone (509) 747-5615


  • If you need MEDICAL RECORDS transferred to another office:

    • Please use this Medical Records Authorization form to request medical records be sent to your new provider: (Click to download Authorization Form)

    • Send your signed Medical Records Authorization form to One Site for Seniors, PO Box 238, Hayden, ID 83835. 

    • Depending on the size of your file, there may be a fee for copying, sending, and processing your records.

    • Record requests will be available for a period of 10 years (through 8/30/2034) or as required by Idaho regulations.


We are thankful for your trust in us with your healthcare over the years.


For your health and hope,

Susan Melchiore, MD and One Site for Seniors Medical Team.

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